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A content management system is a computer software system for organizing and facilitating collaborative creation of documents and other content. A content management system is sometimes a web application used for managing websites and web content, though in many cases, content management systems require special client software for editing and constructing articles. They can also be used for storage and single sourcing of documentation for a firm including but not limited to operators manuals, technical manuals, sales guides, etc.

NanoSearch CMS is a powerful web-based content management system. It helps organisations lower costs, increase productivity and is suitable for any type of content including video, training, mp3, Office File, Knowledge and etc. It allows users to gain access from virtually anywhere in the world. Users can check article or content from co-worker or from business associates.

NanoSearch CMS lets you describe electronic documents by filling in profiles as documents are created or transferred into the system. The profiles are set up within categories defined and organized based on your particular business requirements. Thus each site can create its own unique profiling hierarchy.

NanoSearch CMS also delivers industrial strength full-text searching, comprehensive WYSIWYG Editor, and productivity-enhancing collaboration features. It is this unique combination of profile searching and full-text searching, in combination with a full palette of content management services (such as template, file attach, image attach, multinational keyboard, version control, full document lists, file access log, reporting, conetnt-level security, and more) that puts NanoSearch CMS in a class by itself.

Designed with dozens of shortcuts and convenience features like Favorite Lists and an attractive, easy-to-use interface, NanoSearch CMS seamlessly connects users with the firms intellectual capital, enhancing efficiency, focus, and effectiveness throughout the organization.

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